Pendugaan Koefisien Regresi Logistik Biner Menggunakan Algoritma Least Angle Regression

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Submited : January 12, 2021
Published : January 29, 2024

Binary logistic regression is a statistical analysis method that aims to determine the relationship between variable which has two categories with the predictor variable that have categorical or continuous scale. The method that used to estimate logistic regression parameters is Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) method. In estimating parameters, Least Angle Regression (LAR) algorithm is used to select the significant variables in order to get the best model from the estimation results of binary logistic regression coefficients. This LAR algorithm is applied to the risko of stunting data in two-year-old-babies at Buntu Batu Health Center working area, Enrekang Regency, South Sulawesi in 2019. This results obtained in the estimation of binary logistic regression prediction model using LAR algorithm, the standard error value is 0.018 smaller than the standard error value of binary logistic regression, which is 0.025. This shows that the binary logistic regression model using LAR algorithm is better than the usual binary logistic regression model on the risk of stunting data. Based on the results obtained, the variables that significantly affect the risk of stunting in two-year-old-babies on 2019 are father’s height, body length of birth, exclusive breastfeeding, history of infectious diseases, and history of immunization.


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