Peta Kendali p Berdasarkan Metode Peningkatan Transformasi Akar Kuadrat

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Submited : October 26, 2021
Published : January 29, 2024

When the proportion of nonconformities is small, the effectiveness of the  control chart performance becomes inadequate because it has a skewness that causes asymmetryc. Therefore, the Improved Square Root Transformation (ISRT) method is used to construct the  attribute control chart to increase the accuracy of the chart control limit which is called the ISRT-  control chart. In this study, the effectiveness of the ISRT-  control chart perfomance is compared with the  control chart after being applied to the data on the number of defects in the newspaper production process at PT. Radar Sulteng Membangun. The results showed that the production process at PT. Radar Sulteng Membangun was not in a statistically controlled and the ARL value obtained on the ISRT-  control chart is much smaller than the ARL value for the  control chart, so that the ISRT-  chart is more effective and sensitive to detecting changes in the production process which produces in a small proportion of nonconformities.


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