Knowledge management of pomelo production system in Northeast Thailand: A case study of the pomelo farmer group in Ban Thaen district

Kanchana Duangta, Yos Borisutdhi, Suchint Simaraks


In Thailand pomelo is a fruit tree that has long been grown in the central region particularly in Nakhon Chai Si district, Nakhon Pathom province where soil is relatively fertile and has conditions of sufficient water resources. In contrast, the northeast region has lower soil fertility. Most farmers grow field crops such as rice, cassava and sugarcane instead of fruit trees. However, there is one area in northeast Thailand that is famous for pomelo production in terms of quantity as well as quality for both export and local markets. This area is in Ban Thaen district, Chaiyaphum province. The research objectives of this study is to describe the context of Ban Thaen pomelo farmer group, examine different approaches and understand knowledge management processes of pomelo production. Five key informants groups were selected for the study, consisting of a group leader and group committee members identified for group discussions in order to understand the community context and factors of pomelo production of their group. A total of 17 households were selected for in-depth interviews along with participation observation among some households. Findings show that knowledge management on pomelo production in Ban Thaen is vital for their innovation and practices to increase production volume and quality. This is accomplished through knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing is possible through existing social spaces in various forms.


Knowledge management; Thailand; pomelo production system; farmer group

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