Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Jurnal Akta Kimia Indonesia (Indonesia Chimica Acta)
The Editors of journals published by the Jurnal Akta Kimia Indonesia (Indonesia Chimica Acta) provide a set of ethical guidelines for persons engaged in the publication of chemical research, specifically, for editors, authors, and manuscript reviewers. These guidelines were developed by the Editors of the journals published by the Publications Division of the Jurnal Akta Kimia Indonesia (Indonesia Chimica Acta) and are reviewed regularly to ensure their clarity.

The Indonesia Chimica Acta Journals' Ethical Guidelines are offered from a conviction that the observance of high ethical standards is so vital to the whole scientific enterprise that a definition of those standards should be brought to the attention of all concerned.

Special Notes for Authors
Plagiarism. In publishing only original research, Indonesia Chimica Acta Journals' is committed to deterring plagiarism, including self-plagiarism. Indonesia Chimica Acta Journals' Publications uses CrossCheck's Turnitin software to screen submitted manuscripts for similarity to published material. Note that your manuscript may be screened during the submission process. Further information about plagiarism can be found in Part B of the Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Chemical Research. See also the Press Release regarding Indonesia Chimica Acta Journals' participation in the CrossCheck initiative.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure. During manuscript submission, Indonesia Chimica Acta Journal authors are required to disclose the nature of any competing and/or relevant financial interest. A statement describing any financial conflicts of interest or lack thereof is published with each manuscript. During the submission process, the corresponding author must provide this statement on behalf of all authors of the manuscript. The statement should describe all potential sources of bias, including affiliations, funding sources, and financial or management relationships, that may constitute conflicts of interest. The statement will be published in the final article. If no conflict of interest is declared, the following statement will be published in the article: "The authors declare no competing financial interest."

Coauthor Notification. During manuscript submission, the submitting author must provide contact information (full name, email address, institutional affiliation and mailing address) for all of the coauthors. The author who submits the manuscript for publication accepts the responsibility of notifying all coauthors that the manuscript is being submitted. Deletion of an author after the manuscript has been submitted requires a confirming letter to the Editor-in-Chief from the author whose name is being deleted.

For a quick reference guide, please download or print our Top 10 Tips for Ethical Authorship.

Suggesting Reviewers
When suggesting potential reviewers for a submitted manuscript, authors should not suggest reviewers who have a personal or professional connection to the authors or co-authors if the relationship might bias judgment of the manuscript.