The scope of the manuscript contained in the Jurnal Akta Kimia Indonesia (Indonesia Chimica Acta) is the result of research and development in the fields of chemistry in both experimental and theory/computational, chemical-based technological innovations, and chemical applications in industrial fields. The manuscript to be published is a text that has never been published or submitted in any journal with a STATEMENT LETTER. The journal is addressed to the editor of the Jurnal Akta Kimia Indonesia (Indonesia Chimica Acta), Chemistry Department, MIPA Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Tamalanrea Campus 90245 Makassar

Manuscripts written in English, neatly typed on A4 size paper using a version of Windows word processing software Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, WordPro or Wordstar, and Latex with a line spacing of 2 spaces. Manuscripts are written in the form of one column with a margin size of 3 cm and 2.5 cm for the upper and lower margins, and 3.5 cm and 2.5 cm respectively for the left and right margins. The form of the text must include the following parts (in order): The title of the text is no more than 30 words, accompanied by the name of the author, the name of the institution or the author's body and the address of the author that is easily contacted. Also include telephone, fax or e-mail. The title of the text is rewritten in abstract as the first sentence. Abstracts written in Indonesian and English include background, work methods, results and conclusions. Abstracts are written briefly and clearly and do not exceed 200 words. Introduction, Research Methods include materials and methods of work. Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments (if any) and Reference Lists.

Reference to the bibliography referred to as prioritized is the issue of the last 10 years, written in accordance with the chronological discussion. Numbering uses Arabic numbers such as the following example: 1. Kim, T. K. and Takahashi, M. Appl. Phys. Lett., 20 (1972) 492 or 2. Yoshizawa, Y. Oguma, S. and K. Yamauchi, J. Appl. Phys., 64 (1988) 10, for Journals, and 3. A. Manaf and Ridwan, Effects of RP in Spin Casting on Al Porosity and Mechanical Properties of Al-Alloys, Proceedings of the Materi III Scientific Science Meeting, Serpong (1988) 7, for Proceedings. For a list of references from the Book to be written as follows: 4. A. R. West, Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications, John Wiley & Sons Inc., Singapore (1984) 475–80. Chapters in a book: Rao, C.N.R, and Rao, K.J., "Ferroics" in Solid State Chemistry Compounds. Eds. Cheetam, A.K., and Day, P, P., Clarendon Press, Oxford (1992) 281-96.

Figure descriptions are written at the bottom of the picture or graph with numbering according to the flow of discussion. Titles are written in italics (Figure 1) parallel to the text without indent. Each picture is given information as clearly and 5 as possible. If requested, the original image will be returned to the author no later than 1 (one) month. If within a predetermined period the author does not want the figure, the editor has the right to destroy the image. Table information is written at the top of the table with numbering according to the flow of discussion. The table title is written in italics (Table 1), parallel to the text without indent. Each table is given information as clearly and informally as possible.
Writing chemical equations and or mathematical equations is done without indent and is numbered with Arabic numerals, according to the flow of discussion. The manuscript sent to the editor of the Journal of Indonesian Chemical Deed (Indonesia Chimica Acta) as many as 3 copies and 1 disk/CD contains files from the manuscript and separate files from figures/graphics/tables along with the necessary information. The photo is printed in black and white and shiny. The editorial board has the right to reject an essay that is deemed to be ineligible after hearing the opinions of several experts. The editorial board has the right to change and adjust the language and terms without changing the contents, by not notifying the author first. If changes in content are deemed necessary, then the author will consult. Manuscripts published in the Jurnal Akta Kimia Indonesia (Indonesia Chimica Acta) which are the rights of the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Hasanuddin University and republishing must be authorized by the Editorial Board.