Agronomic performance and genotypic diversity for morphological traits among early maize genotypes

Bhim Nath Adhikari, Jiban Shrestha, Bishal Dhakal, Bishnu Prasad Joshi, Naba Raj Bhatta


Detailed information on the genetic diversity between maize germplasm (Zea mays L.) is useful for their systematic and efficient use in breeding programs. Fourteen early maize genotypes were studied to assess their performance and genotypic diversity at Doti, Nepal in 2015. Days to tasseling, days to silking, plant height, ear height, ear length, ear diameter and grain yield were significant among genotypes. Genotype SO3TEY-PO-BM, COMPOL-NIOBP and ACROSS-99402 were found higher yielder with earlier maturity. Days to tasseling (0.85), days to silking (0.82), plant height (0.79), ear length (0.71) and ear diameter (0.66) were found highly heritable traits. Grain yield (0.39) and ear height (0.47) medium and remaining traits showed low heritability. High PCV was observed for grain yield (35.10%), number of plants/plot (34.46%), tesseling silking interval (26.85%), harvested ears/plot (24.45%) and husk cover rating (22.85%) where other traits showed medium to low PCV. Grain yield showed high GCV (21.96%), ear height and husk cover had medium and remaining traits showed low GCV (<10%). Plant height (r₌0.498), harvested plants/plot (r₌0.412), harvested ear/plot (r₌0.762), ear length (r₌0.472) and ear diameter (r₌0.470) showed significant positive correlation with grain yield. The yield can be improved if selection applied in favor of those yield components.

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