Comparison of Hydoponic System Between Wick Design With NFT Design on Kangkung Growth Ipomoea aquatica

Ridha Nirmalasari, Fitriana - Fitriana


This study aims to find out the comparison of the growth on wick and NFT
designs and to know the hydroponic design more effective between the two systems to
optimize the growth of kangkung plants. The method used is quantitative experiment with
t-Test test data analysis: Paired Two Sample For Means (two paired samples). The study
was conducted for two weeks with one week of seeding and one week of measurement.
The parameters observed were number of leaves, leaf length, leaf width, and stem height.
The results showed that the growth of kangkung plants in hydroponic wick design is
better than the NFT design. The growth on wick design can be said better because in this
design each hydroponic place is only filled by one kangkung plant so that the absorption
of nutrient solution can occur more optimally. This study proves that there are
differences in the growth of kangkung plants in wick and NFT design.

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