Jeni Petrus, Ade Yolanda Latjuba, Hasbullah Hasbullah


This study aims to analyze the flow of story sequences in the Demain novel karya Guillaume Musso , novel ini menyajikan cerita dengan permainan temporal yang khas.Cerita ini tidak tersusun secara kronologis dengan pergantian masa lampau dan beralih ke masa yang lebih lampau lagi dengan tingkat kerumitan tertentu. by Guillaume Musso.  This novel presents a story with a distinctive temporal play. It is not arranged chronologically with the alternation of the past and shifts to a longer past with a certain degree of complexity. To start the analysis  a general view of Russian formalist terms of sjuzet, fabula, and deotomatisation is presented.It is followed by the exposisiton of the events to identify the narrative structure of the story. To complete the act of reconstructing, the inventory of time expressions will be followed by the rearrangement of  events series or plots on the basis of chronology and causality mechanism.  The analysis shows that interplay of the past and the present events is actually   one narrative strategy to incite the curiosity of the readers in one hand and to delay the possible logic of sequential story. The results of this study shows that the structure of the text contained in the novel Demain terbagi menjadi dua bagian yaitu: tahapan I peristiwa pra pernikahan yang terjadi di tahun 1991,1992,1993,1994,1996,1998,1999.can  be divided into two main parts, namely: Th first part is the the group of  pre-marriage events that occurred in the years of respectively 1991,1992,1993,1994,1996,1998,1999. While  The second stage is the period of the marriage between Matthew and Kate in the year of.  2006, The accidental event of old computer purchase by Matthew, the main character leads to the totally new dimension open the way to retrospect the old events.


Guillaume Musso, alur, deotomatisasi

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