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This article discusses the results of questionnaire analysis and interviews for a number of PTN-PTS lecturers in Watampone, Bone Regency who have participated in Scopus indexed International Journal Writing Training. The Community Service Activity in the form of Innovation for the Community (IbM) was carried out with the support of the Hasanuddin University Community Service Institution (KP2M) in 2017. As many as 30 participants were sent by their represented institutions as many as 27% women and 73% men. They expect to take part in this activity apart from the need to write a journal because this training will be a means to share knowledge and experience. Their impression, writing articles in international journals is something utopian and has many twists and turns. The procedure is convoluted. These puzzles will be answered in this training. Based on questionnaire data, it was revealed that the main obstacle for PTN-PTS lecturers in Watampone City, Bone District (especially STAI Al Gazali lecturers and STAIN Watampone) was as follows: 1) did not have a picture of what to do, 2) put interest in publication but experiencing language problems, 3) several tries but failed / articles rejected, and 4) optimistic that they can publish if someone directs and guides.


Article; Journal; Indexed; Scopus; Template; Rejected; Accepted; Plagiarism

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