KEBIJAKAN PEMERINTAH REPUBLIK INDONESIA DALAM MENGATASI SITUS PORNO PADA MEDIA MAYA Studi Peran Departemen Komunikasi dan Informatika RI dalam Penyusunan Kebijakan Komunikasi Indonesian Government Policy in Overcoming Porn Sites in Cyber Media; A Role Study of Department Information and Technology In Arranging a Communication Policy

Rizky Ameliah Cawidu


This research aims to find out what kind of policy in government has created through Depkominfo in overcoming porn
sites in cyber media and how the government spreads the policy of public. The method of analysis used was descriptive
qualitative analysis with data reduction, data presentation, and the conclusion of data from interview resulth. The unit of
analysis were (the kinds of the existing government policies and the ones that would be issued, (2) Information
Technology Era which was increasing either the policy which was directly issued by Depkominfo or the one issued by
other departments as the team of policy makers. The effect of this policy would also be viewed from the aspects of
culture, religion, community’s mindset, technology, and economy. Teh result show that the policy issued by
Depkominfo has positive value on Indonesia people and other countries. Even though it is late tohave policy of
Information Technology and Telematika Law or Cyber Law, Indonesia already has a good point to pursue its
achievement. There are three things to do to eliminate pornography and porn sites; (a) self-control, (b) goverment
regulations and policy, (c) collabortion with satellite operators and providers that exist in Indonesia. On the other hand,
however, there are several inhibiting factors of the policy such as inadequate technology expert and software which can
be hacked by the hackers. From the economic point of view, the elimination of porn sites by Indonesian government
will threat some segments in Indonesia.


Porn sites, Government Communication Policy, Depkominfo RI, Situs Pornografi, Kebijakan Pemerintah (UU ITE), Depkominfo RI

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