Marina Chimica Acta is an international medium and occasional reviews of the publications of original studies (research papers) and occasional reviews in the field of marine chemistry. The journal will endeavor to cover all aspects, from chemical processes to theoretical and experimental work, and by providing a central channel of communication, to speed the flow of information in rapidly expanding disciplines. Submitted paper should be written in English.

The Scope of Marina Chimica Acta journal covering the fields :

  • C14 dating and application
  • Age determining for fossils, coral, shell and artifact
  • Marine environmental chemistry
  • Synthesis and Marine natural product
  • Biomaterial and marine biotechnology
  • Coral reef  in chemistry

Manuscript preparation

  • The manuscript should preferably be prepared on Microsoft Word in window 7 or 8, with double columns on text body, and normal margin on A4 paper using Times New Roman (TNR13 for title, TNR12 for author, TNR11 for affiliation and abstract, TNR12 for text body until reference) space 1.00 for abstract, space 1.15 for text body and no more 15 pages. Manuscript template can be download on

  • The manuscript, file form, should be sent to, with formal address : Laboratorium Kimia Radiasi, Fakultas MIPA, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar, 90245, Indonesia 

Manuscript sequences (research paper)

  • Title should be written in English comprising name of the author(s), full address of their affiliation and email. In case more than one author, please indicate to whom correspondence should be sent.

  • Abstract is written in English, less than 300 words with four - six keywords.

The manuscript composition is as follows

  • Introduction
  • Material and Method
  • Result and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgement (if any)
  • References (using numbers in parentheses and followed by alphabetical orderin and separated sheet from the text)
  • Illustration, Table, and Drawing objects should be compiled on separated sheet
  • and should be numbered according to their sequence in the text.

Further information may be requested to