Employment Opportunities in Indonesia: The Effect of Investment and Inflation


  • Abdul Rahman Razak
  • Sabir Sabir
  • Tia Aulia Hasanuddin University
  • Annida Maulidya Ridwan


employment, economic growth, investment, inflation


This study attempts to examine the impact of investment and inflation on job opportunities in South Sulawesi province (the case of a regency and 4 cities). The path analysis with the secondary data was used as the analysis method. In this study, the dependent variable is employment opportunities. Independent variables are investment and inflation, and theintervening variable or mediating variable is the economic growth. The research findings reveal that the investment has a significant impact on economic growth and employment opportunities, while the inflation has no impact on economic growth and employment opportunities. Thus theeconomic growth has no impact on employment opportunities.


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Volume 1 Number 2 2023