Analysis of Financial Performance at Industrial Estate of Makassar At The Year 2013-2020


  • Zulfikar Hasanuddin University
  • Rakhman Laba Universitas Hasanuddin
  • Mursalim Nohong Universitas Hasanuddin


financial ratio analysis, vertical analysis, horizontal analysis


Industry is very important to increase economic activity. By analyzing the financial performance with ratio, vertical and horizontal analysis, we could assess financial condition and development of Industrial Estate of Makassa. The research used descriptive quantitative approach. The data consists of primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected by interviewing stakeholder dan local government. In the terms of secondary data, the research used financial statements of Industrial Estate of Makassar in 2013-2020. The research showed financial performance of Industrial Estate of Makassar during 2013-2020 were satisfied. It was shown that an optimal profitability, appropriate liquidity and solvency. However, activity ratio revealed less effective in asset management, hence Industrial Estate of Makassar needs to increase operational activities. Moreover, the result of interview gives two things that correlate each other. Firstly, the findings revealed that Industrial Estate of Makassar more focus on recurring income to increase financial performance, such as service charge, waste management, and fiber optic cable installation. Secondly, the expansion of industrial trend in middle-eastern Indonesia has been supported by Makassar New Port. The interest of investors to invest or set company up in Makassar which leads positive impact to Industrial Estate of Makassar to perform better.


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