Peran dan Strategi Public Relations dalam Mempromosikan Produk pada Pt Arnott’s Indonesia


  • Alma Putri Rinjani
  • Andika Rahman
  • Diva Amelia Prasanti


Role, strategy, promotion, public relations


ABSTRACT This research was conducted to determine the role and strategy of public relations in promoting products at PT Arnott's Indonesia. The focus of this research is to analyze how the Role and Strategy of Public Relations of PT. Arnott's Indonesia in Promoting Products. In this study, the researcher uses the concept of Dozier and Broom (1995) which explains the role of public relations (Expert Prescriber, Communication Facilitator, Problem Solving Process Facilitator, Communication Technician), then Cutlip's concept in Rosady (2007) which states that the four steps in a public strategy relations (Defining the Problem, Planning and Programming, Taking Action and Communicating, and Evaluating the Programs), and Kasali's (2014) concept which explains the concept of promotion (To Convince and To Compete). Subjects consist of Key Informants. The collection of information and data was obtained from observations, interviews with Mrs. Az Zahra as PT Arnott's General Affair, and documentation. The researcher used source triangulation technique to check the validity of the data. The results of the study show that the Roles and Strategies carried out by PT Arnott's Indonesia have succeeded in promoting and increasing product sales in the midst of the pandemic. The strategies carried out include collaborating with Kokumi, Pan&Co to Indonesian food vlogger, Mgdalena. ABSTRAK Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui Peran dan Strategi Public Relations Dalam Mempromosikan Produk Pada PT Arnott’s Indonesia. Fokus penelitian ini ialah untuk menganalisis bagaimana Peran dan Strategi Public Relations PT. Arnott’s Indoensia dalam Mempromosikan Produk. Dalam penelitian ini, peneliti menggunakan konsep Dozier dan Broom (1995) yang menjelaskan peranan public relations (Expert Prescriber, Communication Fasilitator, Problem Solving Process Fasilitator, Communication Technician), kemudian konsep Cutlip dalam Rosady (2007) yang mengatakan bahwa empat langkah dalam strategi public relations (Defining the Problem, Planning and Programming, Taking Action and Communicating, dan Evaluating the Programs), dan konsep Kasali (2014) yang menjelaskan tentang konsep promosi (To Convince and To Compete). Subjek terdiri dari Key Informan. Pengumpulan informasi dan data diperoleh dari hasil observasi, wawancara dengan Ibu Az Zahra selaku General Affair PT Arnott’s, dan dokumentasi. Peneliti menggunakan teknik triangulasi sumber untuk memeriksaan keabsahan data. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Peran dan Strategi yang dilakukan oleh PT Arnott’s Indonesia telah berhasil mempromosikan dan meingkatan penjualan produk di tengah masa pandemi. Strategi yang dilakukan seperti berkolaborasi dengan Kokumi, Pan&Co hingga food vlogger Indonesia yaitu Mgdalena


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