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Monogenea ectoparasites are one of the most pathogenic parasites in aquaculture that need to control. The use of mediciinal plants to overcome diseases related to aquaculture can be applied and. relatively have no side effect.  One of the plants that can be potentially used as a treatment for curing purpose is red ginger. The effects of ethanol extracts of red ginger on the intensity of monogenetic ectoparasites in catfish were investigated in this study. About 390 experimental fish was used in the study. The experimental animals were catfish seedlings (total length of 3-5 cm). This research was conducted with 4 treatments and 3 replications consisting of 0 ppm, 5 ppm, 10 ppm and 15 ppm bath treatments within 24 hours. Determination of the dose applied was based on the results of the LC50 test that has been carried out previously. Based on the research results, the monogenetic ectoparasites found were Quadriacanthus clariadis and Gyrodactylus sp. with mean intensity of 16.4 and 4.47, respectively. LC50 value of the red ginger extract on carp seeds was 27.37 ppm. Red ginger extract can be used to cure infections at a concentrations of 15 ppm for Q. clariadis and Gyrodactylus sp. Concentration of 15 ppm for Q. clariadis and 5 ppm for Gyrodactylus sp. can be used as a preventive measure and improve resistance of a catfish seed.


Red Ginger Extract Ectoparasite Monogenean Catfish Parasitic Intensity

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