Abidin Pammu, Hasanuddin University
Budianto Hamuddin, Lancang Kuning University
Jana Vlasakova, Charles University, Czech Republic
Muhammad Aswad, Universitas Sulawesi Barat
Nasmilah, Hasanuddin University
Ria R. Jubhari, Hasanuddin University
Rusdiah Salam, Moslem University of Indonesia
Rusdiana Junaid, Palopo Cokroaminoto University
Sri Hardiningsih HS, State Polytechnic of Semarang
Sukardi Weda, State University of Makassar
Supratman, Al-Mustafa International University, Iran
Yasser Mohammed Alrefaee, Albaydaa University, Yemen


Reviewers play a vital role in maintaining the quality of scholarly publishing. Reviewing a paper requires specialized knowledge, skills and the investment of time. The editor of Journal of ELS Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities (ELS-JISH) typically invites reviewers to complete the review in their respective area.
To ensure peer review process editors select the experts in the same discipline as the paper. The journal also welcome young researchers to conduct peer review. Please register in this journal and email the editor writing your area of interest. The reviewers' work is entirely voluntary. Thus, getting, no monetary benefit. However, the ELS-JISH always views their work as extremely prestigious and honorary scholarly contribution. 
Reviewers are important to us. The editorial office issues a certificate of appreciation upon request. Please email at to get a certificate of appreciation.

Tutorial for Reviewers:  HTML VIDEO TUTORIAL


If you find difficulties in submitting manuscript please forward your doc file to . Our support team will assist you in submission process and other technical matters.