Pengaruh Brand Trust dan Word of Mouth terhadap Pengambilan Keputusan Konsumen Menggunakan Jasa KBIHU ISID Gontor


  • Muhammad Ridlo Zarkasy Universitas Darussalam Gontor
  • Muhammad Habil Likai Tanjua Universitas Darussalam Gontor


Brand Trust, Decision Making, Word of Mouth, KBIHU ISID


Abstract Research on consumer decisions in using KBIHU services is important to do, this is because the need for Muslims for the pilgrimage is quite high because Muslims in Indonesia according to population census data in 2020, the Indonesia people is 270.20 million people, while the quota for Hajj is limited. with many Hajj and Umrah service bureaus, but consumers need to be careful in making decisions. This is because there are many cases of fraud and illegal acts that occur at the Hajj and Umrah service bureaus in Indonesia, this is something that consumers need to pay attention to before choosing a bureau in their area. Various factors that influence consumer decision to use KBIHU services include brand, service quality, price, promotion, and word of mouth. This study aims to examine the effect of Brand Trust  and word of mouth on consumer decisions in using the services of KBIHU ISID Gontor. This type of research is quantitative by using a questionnaire technique. Data were obtained through a survey of 75 respondents, namely consumers who have used the services of the KBIHU. Sampling using probability sampling with a simple random sampling technique. The analytical tool used is statistical product service solution (SPSS), by conducting validity and reliability tests as well as classical assumption tests and multiple linear assumptions tests. The results showed that the Brand Trust  variable had a t-value of 9.170 and a significant value of 0.000. Word of mouth has an effect with a t value of 4.141 and a significant value of 0.000. In a simultaneous test the two variables have an effect on the F value of 118,177 and a significance of 0,000.


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