The Use of callispongia sp from Halong waters (Ambon Bay) as Biomonitor for Trace Metals Pb,Cd,Cr and Zn


  • Netty Siahaya Post Graduate Programme, Hasanuddin University
  • Alfian Noor Chemistry Department,Hasanuddin University
  • Nicole de Voogd Natural History Museum, naturalist, Leiden, The Netherlands



The aim of this investigation is to estimate metal concentration distribution, Pb,Cd, Cr, and Zn,in Callispongia sp, sediment and water column in Halong waters of Ambon bay. After sampling, analytical processes were carried out according to Warsidah (2001) and measure it by ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy). The Results showed that callispongia sp, contain highest metal concentration compared to water and sediment that is 9.56 mg/kg dry weight (ppm) of Zn while sediment was of 0.5 ppm and in waters 0,750 ppm. It can be concluded that the role of spongest in absorbing trace metals must not be underestimated. In the future more research in this area need to be conducted so that an alternative local solution for trace metal pollution can be constructed.


Download data is not yet available.


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