Aims and Scope:

Binanga encompasses comprehensive analyses of natural resource management, encompassing both theoretical and practical perspectives. Binanga has a role in connecting these two significant regions. This publication utilizes the Indonesian language in order to facilitate the Indonesian public's access to high-quality scientific literature. Next, the geography focuses on rural regions in Indonesia, including both the mainland and islands. Binanga has the ability to publish items that go beyond the geographic scope, as long as they are very relevant to rural areas in Indonesia.


Topik jurnal Binanga mencakup kajian kritis atas pengelolaan sumberdaya alam baik dari segi teoritis dan praktis. Binanga juga dapat berkontribusi menghubungkan kedua area penting tersebut. Jurnal ini menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia dengan maksud menyediakan akses bacaan ilmiah bermutu kepada publik Indonesia. Kemudian, cakupan geografis menyasar kawasan perdesaan di Indonesia, baik daratan dan kepulauan. Binanga dapat menerbitkan artikel yang mengulas selain cakupan geografis ini sepanjang memiliki relevansi yang kuat dengan kawasan perdesaan di Indonesia.


Binanga  was found in 2023. Initially, this journal was a regular scientifically reviewed printed journal focusing on forestry sciences and managed by the Environmental and Forestry Research and Development Institute, Makassar, Indonesia. Online submissions started in November 2015 and are then published periodically biannually in March and August on the eJournal platform. Since 2023, this journal has been managed by the Forest Conservation Study Program, Faculty of Forestry, Hasanuddin University, and the focus of the study is adjusted to the Conservation of Biological Resources. We are particularly interested in conservation issues in the biogeographical region of Wallacea, but related conservation issues from other parts of the world are also welcome.

ISSN   : will be released soon

Publisher: Forest and Society Research Group, Forestry Faculty of Universitas Hasanuddin