Jurnal Ilmu Alam dan Lingkungan

The journal will publish original research and review papers in all fields of pure and applied Ecology (Plant, Animal and Human ecology), Environmental Sciences (all aspects of pollutions, conservation of environment, management of environment, rural and urban environment, social environment, population and environment, environmental economics, and various environmental issues), Atmospheric Sciences (Climatology, Meteorology, Micrometeorology, Agricultural Meteorology, and Boundary Layer Climate), Greenhouse Gas Exchanges, Global Warming Issues, and conservation and management of Natural Resources, Biodiversity, and issues related to Sustainable Development. Both theoretical and experimental studies will be included. Case histories of environmental problems of different countries/regions and reports of recent meetings and conferences will also be published.


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Vol 9, No 2 (2018): Jurnal Ilmu Alam dan Lingkungan

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Ridha Nirmalasari, Fitriana - Fitriana
Ridha Nirmalasari, Ikrima Erma Liani
Dody Priosambodo
Helmy Widyastuti
Muchammad Chusnan Aprianto
Elki Julianto P, Magdalena Litaay, Dody Priosambodo
Anita Anita, Dewi Arisanti, Andi Fatmawati
Mujahidah Basarang, Muhammad Rifo Rianto