Muhammad Bahar Akkase Teng


elaborated. The study of the orientalism is very complex (easterm affairs, particularly Islam)
which is brought about by the motifs such as religious, scientific, economical, and
political matters.
The terms orientalists and orientalism appeared in Andalusia (Spain) in the seventh
century (Hijriah/ Islamic calender) or fourteenth century (AD) . They gnawed Islam by
immersing the moslems into the misieading school of thoughts primarily the young
generation by turning them away from their religion with the teachings of
materialism, and secularism.
The orientalism development phases are : (1) the missionary and anti Islam
started in the sixteenth century (AD) . (2) the studies and distribes were in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, (3) studies and colonialisms were in the nineteenth century and
the first quarter of the tweentieth century (AD). (4) the study and politics were in the
second half of the nineteenth century (AD). The main objective of the orientalisms is to
disclose and reveal the symbolic significances of the profound Islamic Cultural
expressions, in which the Arabic language represents the primary medium.
Key words : Orientalism, development, objective, history

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