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This paper focuses on a loan word (al-mu'arrab), the absorption method of vocabulary, its
characteristics and its existence in the Qur'an which is always a debate among scholars. In
general, the absorption of the vocabulary of a foreign language into Arabic is caused by the
mixing between Arabs to neighbouring countries due to trade relations, migration, war and
expansion of the Islam. The absorption process is done by changing the font, changing the
line, adding another letter in the word, reducing the letters and others. As a result of these
changes, people often do not realize that actually it is not native Arabic but the absorption of
other languages. Therefore, this paper also presents the characteristics of a loan word in order
to facilitate people in identification. Their absorption method and characteristics are
possessed by the vocabulary uptake Arabic signifies that its existence is recognized by the
public, but its existence in the Qur'an is still a debate among scholars from the first until now.
There are at least three scholars‟opinions in this regard. Most of them have stated that none of
the Arabic loan word in the Qur'an and have also stated that in fact there are words that are
not native Arabic but the absorption of other languages. Last categories are the ones who try
to reconcile the two previous groups.
Keywords: existence, absorption, al-mu'arrab

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.34050/jib.v4i1.2325


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