Arniati Massinai, Akbar Tahir, Jamaluddin Jompa, Alexander Rantetondok


 Coral disease is one of the threats to the health of coral but is not yet widely known. This study was conducted to

determine the types of bacterial associations in hard corals infected with growth anomaly (GA). Coral samples

infected with GA disease were taken by using SCUBA tool on Salemo Island, Mattiro Bombang Village, Pangkep

District. Bacterial isolation was performed by removing mucus from corals infected by growth anomaly by 1

ml and diluted to dilution 10-3 . Purification of bacteria is done by inoculating the solid medium of Marine Agar.

Furthermore, Gram staining and biochemical tests were performed. Bacterial identification was performed based

on colony morphology and biochemical reaction test results. The results showed that GA disease can infect

coral Porites, Acropora digitate, Platygyra and pocillopora . Bacteria are found from the genus Flavobacterium,

Acinetobacter  and, Neiseria.

 Keywords: Bacteria association, coral stone, coral disease, growth anomaly

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