TORANI: Journal of Fisheries and Marine Science

TORANI: Journal of Fisheries and Marine Science. The journal is a scientific and independent journal covering  original research and review on science, engineering and technology, and humanities in fisheries and marine development, management and issues in fisheries and marine systems, including:

  • Aquatic biodiversity
  • Ecology and conservation
  • Marine and fisheries geographical information systems
  • Sustainable aquaculture
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Marine technology and tourism
  • Marine and fisheries socio economics and culture
  • Marine and fisheries outreach and community service
  • Marine and fisheries law and development policy
  • Fisheries processing technology and food safety
  • Marine and fisheries biotechnology

This journal has published papers on the field of marine science for the first time in 1996 and the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries Sciences as its publisher. In 2007 the Torani Journal had ISSN-p: 0853-4489S with Military and Nautical Engineering. Along with the advancement of science and technology in the field of fisheries and marine life, which has an impact on improving the results of research in the field of fisheries and marine affairs, in 2017 the TORANI: Journal of Fisheries and Marine Fisheries, revised the objectives and scope that covered all the results of research in fisheries and marine science with ISSN-e: 2615-6601 and ISSN-p: 2621-5322 with publisher of Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries.

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Syahrial Syahrial, Eryc Pranata, Hendri Susilo
Moh. Tauhid Umar, Safruddin Safruddin, Mukti Zainuddin
Muhammad Fadhil Mustafa, Margaretha Bunga, Marlina Achmad
Media Fitri Isma Nugraha, Hessy Novita, Muh Alias Rajamuddin, Rossa Yunita, Wening Enggarini, Reflinur Reflinur, Fasya Hadaina Maharani, Berna Elya
Marini Soeid, Abdul Haris, Syafiuddin Syafiuddin
M. Hairul Haj, Sri Suro Adhawati
Media Fitri Isma Nugraha, Atriyon Julzarika, Alias Radjamuddin, Reflinur Reflinur, Rossa Yunita, Wening Enggarini, Hessy Novita