Author Guidelines


Manuscripts should use 1.5 spacing and typed in Times New Roman font, 11-point. Pages should be A4 with margins of 3 centimeters on all sides. Manuscript length must be at least 5 000 words and no longer than 8 000 words; this includes references, tables, figures, and appendices.

All English text should be regular and free of special formatting (no italics or bold lettering). Non-English words and terms must be italicized.



Abstract length should be at least 150 words and no longer than 300 words.



To facilitate the blind review process, manuscripts must be free of any identifying information, such as affiliations, names, or notes.

Do not include acknowledgments into the manuscript. Acknowledgments are considered identifying information that could compromise the blind review process.



Authors should not assume the audience will understand any acronyms, constructs, or variables used in the manuscript. Whenever possible, use ordinary words; avoid unconventional abbreviations or code words. Acronyms should consist of only letters with no punctuation marks.

The first instance of an acronym must be spelled out initially; the acronym may then be used in subsequent references (e.g. “The number of Last Hits (LH) achieved in the first 10 minutes strongly correlates with a player’s overall win rate.”). Use the same names, acronyms, and spellings for each variable throughout your manuscript.



A well-designed table complements and clarifies the text. Authors should review any tables and figures – if a table or figure does not significantly add to the impact of your manuscript, considering replacing it with text or removing it entirely.

Any tables and figures should be inserted on its own separate line, center-aligned.

Figures must be in picture format (i.e. .JPG, .PNG, .GIF) – manuscripts containing figures drawn in Microsoft Word will not be accepted.

Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively, with separate number series for tables and figures.

Any table captions must be placed before the table it describes.



Citations and references must adhere to the APA style guide. Authors should take extra care to ensure the titles and names relating to any works cited in their manuscript are spelled and formatted correctly.

Authors are permitted to cite their own works, but this should be done sparingly – excessive self-citation is generally frowned upon.