About the Journal

The "Glocal Society" journal is dedicated to exploring and understanding the intricate dynamics of glocalization, with a primary focus on the intersection between global and local dimensions within contemporary societal issues. We seek to provide a comprehensive platform for scholarly discourse and interdisciplinary research that delves into the complex interplay of forces shaping our interconnected world.

Our scope encompasses a diverse array of topics, including but not limited to glocal governance, cultural glocalization, economic dynamics, social movements, environmental challenges, educational practices, health and well-being considerations, migration patterns, technological and innovative adaptation, political landscapes, linguistic nuances, conflict and peace studies, social justice issues, sports and leisure glocalization, and the impact of digital technologies on local social structures. "Glocal Society" aims to distinguish itself as a trailblazing journal by fostering an inclusive space that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, providing a unique forum for the exploration of glocal dynamics.

We welcome original and innovative contributions that bridge the gap between global and local perspectives, offering insights into the evolving challenges and opportunities faced by glocal communities. By publishing cutting-edge research, theoretical frameworks, and practical insights, "Glocal Society" aspires to be the primary resource for scholars, researchers, and practitioners navigating the complexities of our ever-evolving glocalized world.