Analisis Implementasi Peraturan Daerah Kabupaten Banyuwangi Nomor 45 Tahun 2015

Hary Priyanto, Nana Noviana


The implementation of governance is very important in public policy making for the realization of a good public policy and can meet the needs of the community. In solving the problems of governance, a policy is required, therefore a policy-making process is required. Objective: To illustrate the phenomenon of government policy implementation on prostitution in Banyuwangi District. This research method is a qualitative research using descriptive approach based on Health Policy perspective. Result of research of Banyuwangi no. 45 of 2015 is expected to provide solutions to the problems of HIV / AIDS that occurred in Banyuwangi. The success of the policy implementation is assessed from the Standards and policy objectives; Resource; Communication; Interorganization and inaugural activities; Characteristics of implementing agents; social, economic, and political conditions, as well as the character of the executive.


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Hary Priyanto (Primary Contact)
Nana Noviana
Priyanto, H., & Noviana, N. (2019). Analisis Implementasi Peraturan Daerah Kabupaten Banyuwangi Nomor 45 Tahun 2015. JAKPP (Jurnal Analisis Kebijakan & Pelayanan Publik), 4(1), 1-9.
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