About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The focus and the scope of the Journal of Cultural Sciences (JIB) include the results of research in the fields of linguistics, language, literature, culture, media, translation, and history in the present context using an interdisciplinary approach.

Peer Review Process

Peer review

JIB Journal conducted a peer review process to obtain the quality of the sent manuscript. JIB Journal follows a double peer-review process to accept editorial decision-making. In the peer-review process, JIB selects experts in the relevant fields selected as reviewers to analyze the submitted paper.
The review results can produce one of the suggestions obtained below:

  • Receive direct for immediate publication
  • Accept with a little correction
  • Thank you for the significant modification
  • Reject

The author's review must be corrected according to the comments in the report. The author must return the manuscript fixed by Editorial JIB with a specified deadline.

Publication Frequency

Jurnal Ilmu Budaya (Journal of Cultural Sciences) is published by the Department of French Literature, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Hasanuddin University. Published twice per year, January-June and June-December.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Publication Ethics

Jurnal Ilmu Budaya (JIB) is a national journal that aims to provide information on research results (field or literature), conceptual ideas, studies, and application of theories in the areas of language, literature, and culture.

JIB provides Publication Ethics related to article publishing activities at JIB:

  1. JIB only accepts writing (articles) reports on the research results on one's work (not the property of others), which are presented honestly without any falsification or improper data manipulation.
  2. Manuscripts must contain the results of actual thought so that references for other people (readers) to cite (citation) posts published on JIB. Authors must follow the journal submission guidelines.
  3. Originality and Plagiarism: JIB accepts the original text without plagiarism. The policy of paper similarity (self-plagiarism) is no more than five percent.
  4. JIB will send the results of checking the originality and plagiarism of the article to authors who do not meet the conditions or conditions set by JIB.
  5. JIB can ask the authors to revise if found similarities and plagiarism, a maximum of twenty percent.
  6. Authors cannot send the same manuscript to more than one journal simultaneously. It is also hoped that the author will not publish excessive papers that describe similar studies in more than one journal.
  7. JIB has provided article templates for writers. Articles submitted to the JIB editor have followed the article template, and the Editor has returned the article for revision if the article format does not match the template provided.
  8. References (books, journals, etc.) included in the bibliography are those that have been cited in writing.
  9. The author informs JIB (Editor) via email if the submitted article is withdrawn.
  10. JIB will send a statement that the submitted article is original, has never been submitted, and published in any journal/proceeding and in any language.
  11. The author is responsible for all the work and content of the article.

Plagiarism Policy

All new submissions to the JIB journal are automatically checked for plagiarism using Turnitin within the editorial system. Editors JIB may also choose to run a similarity report at any other point during the review process or post-publication.

Journal of Cultural Sciences does not encourage all forms of plagiarism and multiple submissions. Therefore, the JIB journal strongly asks the author to update the published article before sending it to the JIB Journal. As a first step, we ask the authors to use "Software Checking Plagiarism" to check plagiarism before sending it to our journal.

Journal History

Jurnal Ilmu Budaya (Journal of Cultural Sciences) was established in 2013 by the French Literature Department of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Hasanuddin University. Published twice a year, January - June, and July - December.