Jurnal Riset Veteriner Indonesia (Journal of The Indonesian Veterinary Research)

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Published January 31, 2023
Jurnal Riset Veteriner Indonesia (Journal of the Indonesian Veterinary Research) is an open access, double blind peer-reviewed, print and online journal that publishes in the form of original research, review, case study, short communication  in any areas of sciences of veterinary, animal sciences, biomedical sciences, biotechnology, biology, animal laboratory and biodiversity of animals. Manuscript should be produced from latest research or study. Manuscript is written in English. (ISSN Print: 2614-0187, ISSN Online: 2615-2835). Indexing and Abstracting:Sinta (S4), Google Scholar, Garuda, Asean Citation Index, CiteFactor, OneSearch, DRJI, Index Copernicus, BASE, Crossref  


Aprilia Hardiati, Safika, I Wayan Teguh Wibawan
Resistance of Ampicillin, Ceftazidime, and Cefotaxime in Poultry’s Escherichia coli
Fatimah Mappanyompa, M Aryadi Arsyad, Dwi Kesuma Sari, Sartini Natsir, Muhammad Husni Cangara, Yulia Yusrini Djabir
The Effect of Ajwa Date Fruit Extract (Phoenix Dactylifera L.) Against Liver Damage in White Rats (Rattus Norvegicus) Induced by Meloxicam
Putu Henrywaesa Sudipa, I Ketut Puja, Anak Agung Gde Oka Dharmayuda, I Wayan Nico Fajar Gunawan, Luh Made Sudimartini, Putu Devi Jayanti, I Wayan Sukernayasa, Romy Muhammad Dary Mufa
Identification and Prevalence of Aspergillus sp Isolated from Bali Dog’s Skin
Ummul Masir, Jumatriatikah Hadrawi, Aswin
Performance of KUB (Ayam Kampung Balitbangtan) Chicken Fed Local and Commercial Feed
Risa Tiuria, Niken Hardiyanti, Rizal Arifin Akbari
Diagnostic case study and treatment of Giardiasis in cat at Rvet Clinic Bogor
Mariana Ferdinandez, Entang Iskandar, Huda Salahudin Darusman, Loes (ML) Schure, Habib Ilham Maulana Al Adhim, Benvika, Femke Den Haas
Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Endoparasites from Confiscated Long Tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) Formerly Used as Dancing Monkey, Pet and Human Wildlife Conflict in Java Areas of Indonesia
Ine Karni, Lukman HY, Kuntum Khoirani, Burhan, Oscar Yanuariyanto
Detection of Brucellosis in Bali Cattle (Bos Sondaicus ) in Bolo District, Bima Regency
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