Journal of Agriculture Socio-Economics published by Hasanuddin University. This journal is published three times a year in February, June, and October.

This journal focuses on the socio-economics of agriculture which includes agribusiness, sociological agriculture, agricultural economics, agricultural extension, food and nutrition, agricultural development planning, agricultural institutions, and agricultural policies.

The scope of the study of the Agricultural Socio-Economic Journal (JSEP) includes articles on research results or review articles related to starting from upstream to downstream.

Vol. 20 No. 2 (2024): June, 2024

Published: 2024-06-25

Self-Reliance of the Porang Farmers Community in Marketing Porang Production

Muhammad Ivan Rizki, Suminah Suminah, Sugihardjo Sugihardjo


Farmers' Perceptions of the Farmer's Card Program in the Distribution of Subsidized Fertilizer

Vivi Hendrita, Juli Supriyanti, Fildza Arief Syuhada, Refika Komala


Impact of Price Fluctuations of Rice, Shallots, Chilies on Inflation

Amanda Dwi Lestari, Elfira Erlikasna, Ridho C. Simbolon, Irena Breta, Muhammad Daniyal


Farmer Independence in Avocado Farm Developmen

Naufal Rastra Shubhi, Agung Wibowo, Suminah Suminah


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