Stability Analysis of Model tuberculosis Spread in Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Treatment Factors


  • Nursamsi Nursamsi Universitas Hasanuddin



Tuberkulosis, Diabetes Mellitus, Titik Kesetimbangan


Diabetes mellitus (Dm) is a disease associated with impaired immune function so it is more susceptible to get infections including Tuberculosis (Tb). Tb disease can also worsen blood sugar levels which can cause Dm disease. This study aims to analyze and determine the stability of the equilibrium point of the spread of Tb disease in patients with Dm with consideration nine compartments, which are susceptible Tb without Dm, susceptible Tb without Dm complication, susceptible Tb with Dm complication, expose Tb without Dm, expose Tb with Dm, infected Tb without Dm, infected Tb with Dm, recovered Tb without Dm, and recovered Tb with Dm with treatment factors. The result obtained from the analysis of the model is two equilibrium points, which are the non endemic and endemic equilibrium points. The endemic equilibrium point does not exist if , endemic will appear if . Analytical and numerical simulation show that the spread of disease can be reduced and stopped if treatment is given to the infected compartment.


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Author Biography

Nursamsi Nursamsi, Universitas Hasanuddin

Department of Mathematics


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