Target prediction of compounds on jamu formula using nearest profile method


  • Nur Hilal A Syahrir Hasanuddin University
  • Sumarheni Sumarheni
  • Supri Bin Hj Amir
  • Hedi Kuswanto



supervised-learning, nearest profile, jamu, compund-target protein


Jamu is one of Indonesia's cultural heritage, which consists of several plants that have been practiced for centuries in Indonesian society to maintain health and treat diseases. One of the scientification efforts of Jamu to reveal its mechanism is to predict the target-protein of the active ingredients of the Jamu. In this study, the prediction of the target compound for Jamu was carried out using a supervised learning approach involving conventional medicinal compounds as training data. The method used in this study is the closest profile method adopted from the nearest neighbor algorithm. This method is implemented in drug compound data to construct a learning model. The AUC value for measuring performance of the three implemented models is 0.62 for the fixed compound model, 0.78 for the fixed target model, and 0.83 for the mixed model. The fixed compound model is then used to construct a prediction model on the herbal medicine data with an optimal threshold value of 0.91. The model produced 10 potential compounds in the herbal formula and its 44 unique protein targets. Even though it has many limitations in obtaining a good performance, the closest profile method can be used to predict the target of the herbal compound whose target is not yet known.


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Author Biography

Nur Hilal A Syahrir, Hasanuddin University

Department of Mathematics


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Syahrir, N. H. A., Sumarheni, S., Amir, S. B. H. ., & Kuswanto, H. . (2020). Target prediction of compounds on jamu formula using nearest profile method. Jurnal Matematika, Statistika Dan Komputasi, 17(2), 293-303.



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