Dynamics Analysis of Modified Leslie-Gower Model with Simplified Holling Type IV Functional Response


  • Nur Suci Ramadhani Hasanuddin University
  • Toaha Toaha Hasanuddin University
  • Kasbawati Kasbawati Hasanuddin University




Predator-Prey, Modified Leslie-Gower Model, Functional Response, Simplified Holling Type IV


In this paper, the modified Leslie-Gower predator-prey model with simplified Holling type IV functional response is discussed. It is assumed that the prey population is a dangerous population. The equilibrium point of the model and the stability of the coexistence equilibrium point are analyzed. The simulation results show that both prey and predator populations will not become extinct as time increases. When the prey population density increases, there is a decrease in the predatory population density because the dangerous prey population has a better ability to defend itself from predators when the number is large enough.


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Author Biographies

Toaha Toaha, Hasanuddin University

Department of Mathematics Hasanuddin University

Kasbawati Kasbawati, Hasanuddin University

Departement of Mathematics Hasanuddin University


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Ramadhani, N. S., Toaha, T., & Kasbawati, K. (2021). Dynamics Analysis of Modified Leslie-Gower Model with Simplified Holling Type IV Functional Response. Jurnal Matematika, Statistika Dan Komputasi, 18(1), 12-21. https://doi.org/10.20956/j.v18i1.13881



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