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We are delighted to inform that starting from Volume 2 (1) April 2018, Forest and Society has been indexed on the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), a new database within Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) Web of Science™ Core Collection. We are especially looking forward to the increased visibility from what we believe to be a timely network on the exploration of scientific ideals on land, forest, and society issues in Southeast Asia


Current status of Special Section: The economies, ecologies and politics of social forestry in Indonesia (Waiting for the complete issue)

Forest and Society is in the midst of putting together a special section on Social Forestry in Indonesia. While waiting for the complete article published, We are still accepting submissions and we would like your help to spread the news through your networks. Please contact the editors at for submissions.

Due to widespread interest in social forestry policy issues in Indonesia, many of you have asked about ways to contribute through various means and mechanisms. We are therefore opening up the possibility for submitting short pieces under topics such as : Policy Forum, Field Notes, and Methodological Engagement. These formats are ideal for those that would like to share up-to-date discoveries or provocations on social forestry research, policy, and implementation in Indonesia. These viewpoints are also critical for engaging in the review papers that we will be developed in this process.

Policy Forum: Social forestry in Indonesia has come to the forefront of rural development policy. It is contentious and complex, with numerous schemes, and imagined to address much of the challenges associated with land conflict and access to natural resources. Policy Forum pieces should therefore be short and to the point, addressing a particular aspect about contemporary administrative and implementation dynamics of social forestry.

Field Notes: Much of the challenges of social forestry implementation is in the ways that it is being applied. Field Notes are intended to provide a bottom up picture of how social forestry policy implementation is experienced among communities. This could include participatory mapping, conflict resolution forums of boundary conflicts, administrative engagement of who is involved in the process and who might be left out. This forum is ideal for submissions among the many NGOs involved in facilitating Social Forestry policy implementation.

Methodological Engagement: This forum is designed to identify some of the various ways that social forestry is implemented and grounded in the field. It can bridge both the academic and the practical, and is geared towards supporting various stakeholders in quickly evaluating the many elements and dynamics of social forestry.

Many thanks,

M. Alif Sahide, Micah Fisher, and Ahmad Dhiaulhaq



Call for paper: Special Section on community-based conservation in the Wallacea region


A Collaboration between Perkumpulan Payo-Payo – Burung Indonesia – Forest and Society

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Call for paper: Special Section on tropical mangrove ecosystem in Malaysia: Ecologies and economies, challenges and opportunities


Lead Section Editor: Dr. Seca Gandaseca (Universiti Putra Malaysia)

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Call for paper: Special Section on Community Forestry and Sustainable Development in Vietnam: Evaluating Emerging Challenges and Assessing Opportunities

Lead Section Editor: Dr. Do Thi Huong (Vietnam National University of Forestry)
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Special Section: The economies, ecologies and politics of social forestry in Indonesia

Indah Waty Bong, Moira Moeliono, Grace Yee Wong, Maria Brockhaus