Community-based conservation in the Wallacea region

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We seek entries on a broad set of topics connected to the theme of community-based conservation in the Wallacea region. We invite research engagement on the following question: What are the practices, opportunities, and challenges for community‐based conservation in Wallacea? This line of inquiry also opens up the opportunities for entries from a broad range of backgrounds and traditions, including conservationists, social and natural scientists, policy-makers, indigenous people and activists, resource management professionals, and other practitioners. On a level of praxis, we are especially eager to provide greater insight into the notion that on the one hand community‐based conservation has experienced increasing outside investment, but on the other, there is greater concern that community‐based conservation is not working. Is, as Berkes (2004) has noted, the emphasis on community and participation diluting the conservation agenda, and if so in what ways? Can conservation be a concept that can be separated from people, lives, and livelihoods? How do we continue to the think about people and conservation as a broad set of policies and objectives?

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