In Latin, ‘verum’ means truth. This journal is named PSYCHOVERUM since we attempt to search for the truth in behavioural science and individual differences topics. This journal aspires to contribute to science by communicating peer-reviewed research. It has been published by Psychology Study Program Universitas Hasanuddin since 11 November 2022. We welcome empirical research as well as literature review from any discipline that provides a significant contribution to the understanding of behavioural science and individual differences

Aims and Scope

Psychoverum aims to disseminate and discuss peer-reviewed behavioural sciences, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, health science, and management science, which focus on integrating human well-being and sustainability. We welcome empirical research and theoretical reviews that aim at the factors that influence human well-being in different contexts, the psychological and biological processes that affect well-being, the interactions between individuals, society, and the environment to achieve sustainability and well-being, and methods to improve individual well-being to achieve sustainability. In specific, we accept scientific discoveries of empirical work and theoretical reviews that aim to answer questions but are not limited to:
-       What aspects affect humans’ well-being in diverse contexts?
-       How do psychological and biological processes affect well-being?
-       How do individuals, society and the environment interact to achieve sustainability and well-being?
-       How to improve individual well-being to accomplish sustainability?

The research published in PSYCHOVERUM should be based on rigorous scientific methods and should be of interest to a wide range of readers. We are particularly interested in research that is innovative and has the potential to make a significant contribution to science.