Information For Authors

As an author submitting your work to the Jurnal Legislatif, your article will undergo a peer-review process to ensure its accuracy and quality. Your article should present original research, development, or study results on a specific topic relevant to the field of study.

Your article should provide in-depth information about the topic being discussed, including the methods used in the research, the findings, as well as the conclusions and recommendations derived from it. It should be well-written, clearly structured, and conform to the journal's guidelines.

Submitting your work to the OJS journal provides an opportunity for your research to be shared with a wider audience and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge. It is important that you carefully consider the accuracy and validity of your research, and that you acknowledge the sources of information used in your work.

The OJS journal values the contribution of its authors and is committed to providing a platform for high-quality, relevant, and impactful research.