Partition Dimension of Complete Multipartite Graph


  • Safriadi Safriadi SMA Negeri 12 Makassar
  • Hasmawati Hasmawati Universitas Hasanuddin
  • Loeky Haryanto Universitas Hasanuddin



multipartite graph, complete multipartite, partition set, resolving partition, partition dimension


Determining a resolving partition of a graph is an interesting study in graph theory due to many applications like censor design, compound classification in chemistry, robotic navigation and internet network. Let  and , the distance between  an  is . For an ordered partition  of , the representation of  with respect to  is . The partition  is called a resolving partition of  if all representation of vertices are distinct. The partition dimension of graph  is the smallest integer  such that  has a resolving partition with  element.In this thesis, we determine the partition dimension of complete multipartite graph  ,  which is limited by , with  and . We found that , , and , .


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Safriadi, S., Hasmawati, H., & Haryanto, L. (2020). Partition Dimension of Complete Multipartite Graph. Jurnal Matematika, Statistika Dan Komputasi, 16(3), 365-374.



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