Forest and Society, 2021 Best Paper Prize Announced

Jun 14, 2021

The Forest and Society Editorial Board is pleased to announce the winners of the Best Paper Prize. This award is sponsored by the Forest and Society Research Group and awarded to an author(s) to recognize his or her outstanding scientific publication in the journal.

The best overall paper has been awarded to Moeliono, M., Thuy, P. T., Waty Bong, I., Wong, G. Y., & Brockhaus, M. (2017). Social Forestry - why and for whom? A comparison of policies in Vietnam and Indonesia. Forest and Society, 1(2), 78-97.

Special Section - Social Forestry in the Philippines: Education, Policy and Practice

Feb 26, 2020

Sustainable forest management is a major challenge for the forestry and environment sectors in the Philippines.  As in many tropical developing countries, the need to improve the country’s forest cover, protect the natural landscapes, and continuously provide food and sustainable livelihoods to rural and forest dwelling communities gave way for the development of people-oriented and development-focused forestry programs, termed under the broader category of the Social Forestry Program.