Guest Editor tasks and responsibilities

  1. Assist in the development and approval of a Call for Papers for the Special Issue/Section

  2. Circulate and promote the Call for Papers for the Special Issue/Section through your personal networks, social media groups, and at relevant conferences or workshops

  3. Encourage the submission of relevant, high-quality manuscripts that address the central themes of the Special Issue

  4. Assist in reviewing and selecting the most appropriate submissions for review - papers that fit within the scope and quality expectations of the Special Issue/Section.

  5. Work with the Editors to identify appropriate reviewers for each of the selected papers; monitor and support the review process 

  6. Work with the Editors to evaluate reviewers' comments and ensure that the comments are adequately addressed by authors before final approval of submitted manuscripts

  7. Develop an introduction to the Special Issue/Section that summarizes the key themes and major insights of the selected manuscripts

  8. Circulate and promote the Special Issue once it is published. This may include citing the individual papers, sharing the Special IssueIssue/Section with colleagues and practitioners, developing training and instructional materials, etc.

  9. Assist in organizing and leading follow up meetings and conferences to promote the Special Issue/Section and seek program and policy applications 

All of the above will require regular communication via email and/or conference call. We expect all Guest Editors to participate actively and regularly in these discussions, and to respond in a timely manner to all email communications.