Citation metrics
  • 3.5 (2020), 3.5 (2021) CiteScore
  • 2.713 (2020), 1.784 (2021) SNIP
  • 0.623 (2020) Quartile 1, 0.45 (2021) Quartile 2, SJR 
  • 2,50 (2020), 2,90 (2021) Impact Score
  • 0.80 (2020), 0.73 (2021), Journal Citation Indicator (JCI), by Clarivate Analytics

Understanding metrics 
It is possible that journal metrics will be valuable for both readers and authors who are considering where to submit their next work for publication in a certain journal. However, any single indicator only conveys a portion of the story about the quality and effect of a publication. In addition, since each measure has its own limits, they should never be regarded in isolation; instead, they should serve as a complement to rather than a replacement for qualitative evaluation.

We highly advise you to constantly consider a variety of metrics in conjunction with other qualitative variables such as the goals and scope of a journal, its audience, and a study of previous material published in the journal. Furthermore, a single piece should always be judged on its own merits, rather than on the basis of the metrics of the paper in which it was originally published.


  • 56 days avg. from submission to first decision
  • 159 days avg. from submission to first post-review decision
  • 22% acceptance rate