7 tips for avoiding journal editor rejection when submitting your manuscript


1. **Ensure Technical Soundness and Data Support:**
Your manuscript should describe scientifically sound research with data that strongly support your conclusions. Conduct experiments rigorously, use proper controls, replication, and adequate sample sizes. Draw conclusions based on the presented data.

2. **Rigorous Statistical Analysis:**
If your manuscript includes statistics, ensure that the analysis is performed appropriately and rigorously. Consider involving a statistician or epidemiologist among your authors or in the acknowledgments. Be prepared for biostatistician review during the editorial process.

3. **Comply with Data Availability Standards:**
Adhere to field-specific standards for data deposition in publicly available resources. Include relevant accession numbers in your manuscript. Explain steps taken to make data available, especially if data cannot be publicly deposited.

4. **Use Clear and Correct English:**
ICON Journal does not provide copyediting for accepted manuscripts. Therefore, ensure that your submitted articles are written in clear, correct, and unambiguous standard English. Correct any typographical or grammatical errors during revision. Non-native English speakers should consider using professional editing services to enhance language usage.

5. **Verify Unique Submission Status:**
Certify in the Additional Information section during the submission process that your manuscript is a unique submission, not under consideration by any other source in any medium, and has not been previously published in part or in full. Disclose any work presented as an abstract at professional meetings.

6. **Maintain Ethical Standards:**
If your research involves human subjects, provide a statement in the Additional Information section detailing the ethics review mechanism used for your research. Ensure that your experiments adhere to the highest ethical standards.

7. **Follow Reporting Guidelines:**
ICON Journal follows reporting guidelines outlined by relevant organizations. Prepare your manuscript in accordance with the appropriate guideline(s) and checklist(s) for your article type. Include the required checklist and flow diagram templates with your submission.

Remember that meeting these criteria and guidelines will significantly increase your chances of acceptance and minimize the risk of rejection by the journal's editorial team. Be diligent in addressing each aspect of your manuscript to ensure it aligns with ICON Journal's expectations for publication.