Top Five Reason Manuscript Rejected


Here are the top five reasons why manuscripts may be rejected by ICON Journal:

1. Lack of Originality:

  • Manuscripts submitted to ICON Journal should contribute significantly to the existing body of knowledge. Lack of originality, novelty, or a clear research gap may lead to rejection. Authors are encouraged to thoroughly review existing literature and clearly articulate the unique contributions of their work.

2. Poor Methodology and Data Analysis:

  • Manuscripts should adhere to robust research methodologies and employ appropriate statistical analyses. Inadequate study design, flawed methodology, or insufficient data analysis can be grounds for rejection. Authors are encouraged to seek methodological guidance and ensure their research design is sound.

3. Inadequate Literature Review:

  • A comprehensive literature review is critical for contextualizing research within existing knowledge. Manuscripts that lack a thorough review of relevant literature or fail to demonstrate an understanding of the current state of the field may be rejected. Authors should demonstrate a clear grasp of the existing scholarship.

4. Weak Writing and Presentation:

  • Clarity and coherence in writing are paramount. Manuscripts with poor language quality, ambiguous writing, or inadequate structure may face rejection. Authors should ensure that their work is well-organized, free of grammatical errors, and presents ideas in a logical manner.

5. Failure to Adhere to Guidelines:

  • ICON Journal has specific formatting and submission guidelines. Manuscripts that do not adhere to these guidelines, including improper citation styles, incorrect formatting, or non-compliance with ethical standards, may be rejected without review. Authors are urged to carefully read and follow the journal's submission guidelines.

We believe that understanding these common reasons for rejection will help authors enhance the quality of their submissions and increase the likelihood of successful publication. ICON Journal remains committed to fostering impactful and innovative research.

Thank you for your continued interest and contribution to the academic community.


Saldy Yusuf., PhD.
Editor-in-Chief ICON Journal