We have published five articles on the special section Agrarian transformation in Thailand - commodities, landscapes, and livelihoods. This special section attempts to provide a picture of transformation processes over time and examine the current conjunctures taking place across rural communities in Thailand. Our entry point is through the lens of agricultural commodities. We believe that explaining the multiple sources and effects of certain commodities in Thailand's particular locations provides different explanatory potential.

Published: Nov 26, 2018

Introduction to the special section: Agrarian transformation in Thailand - Commodities, landscapes, and livelihoods

Nov 26, 2018
Sukanlaya Choenkwan, Micah R. Fisher
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Cassava as an insurance crop in a changing climate: The changing role and potential applications of cassava for smallholder farmers in Northeastern Thailand

Nov 26, 2018
Anan Polthanee
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Litterfall, litter decomposition, soil macrofauna, and nutrient contents in rubber monoculture and rubber-based agroforestry plantations

Nov 26, 2018
Uraiwan Tongkaemkaew, J. Sukkul, Narathorn Sumkhan, Phantip Panklang, Alain Brauman, Roslan Ismail
Read Statistic: 1317

Factors influencing long term tomato seed production under contract farming

Nov 26, 2018
Chalee Gedgaew, Suchint Simaraks, A. Terry Rambo
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Knowledge management of pomelo production system in Northeast Thailand: A case study of the pomelo farmer group in Ban Thaen district

Nov 26, 2018
Kanchana Duangta, Yos Borisutdhi, Suchint Simaraks
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