Maritime issues are the main focus of the world, this cannot be separated from our earth having about 70 percent of the ocean area. So research on maritime is a long-term investment because it costs a lot and takes a long time, then the benefits can be seen. For this reason, maritime research that will have a large impact should receive great attention and financial support. Investments for marine research can be in the form of increasing the capacity of research human resources, updating research infrastructure, and financing research activities. Therefore, innovation and synergy are needed to produce research on maritime technology by universities, research institutions, and industries that can contribute to this issue. In addition, the Maritim Park Journal aims to be a medium for collecting research results on maritime technology and social studies by universities, research institutes, and industry.   MARITIME PARK: Journal Of Maritime Technology and Society (e-ISSN: 2828-6669 p-ISSN: 2828-7010) is open access and peer-reviewed journal published by the Department of Ocean Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia. The contribution is expected to exchange information, experiences, and thoughts and also to strengthen the network of cooperation between institutions, institutions, and industry on an international scale. So that there is scientific communication between researchers, industry, and education. Focus and Scope Maritime Park is the technology and society's lives namely:  Design of Ocean and fishery Building,  Transportation Management and Shipping Technology Applications,  Renewable Ocean Energy,  Advanced Ocean Materials,  Port Management,  Coastal HR Development,  Maritime Environment Disasters,  Oceanography Engineering, and  Ocean Control and Systems. In connection with the above, please be willing to do an assessment or review scientific articles from the authors of our journal. The articles will be published in February, June, and October each year. If you are willing to be a reviewer, we will send you a certificate and a Decision Letter from Hasanuddin University. Please register at the following link  or please reply to this email as proof of your willingness.For support, please visit the Maritime Park site and for further information, you can contact the Editorial Team at  We thank you for your attention and willingness.RegardsMaritime Park Editorial