In this issue, we have published seven research articles. One article in this issue discusses how social forestry application dynamics by comparing the cases in Indonesia with Vietnam. Besides, another article provides an explanation of the current issues in the study of natural resources, namely the failure of the silk industry, the transformation watershed conflict, agroforestry system, the boom of ginger farmers, and food security.

Published: Nov 27, 2017

Social Forestry - why and for whom? A comparison of policies in Vietnam and Indonesia

Nov 27, 2017
Moira Moeliono, Pham Thu Thuy, Indah Waty Bong, Grace Yee Wong, Maria Brockhaus
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Forestry, illegibility and illegality in Omkoi, Northwest Thailand

Sep 14, 2020
Bobby Anderson, Patamawadee Jongruck
Read Statistic: 1450

Gaps in the thread: Disease, production, and opportunity in the failing silk industry of South Sulawesi

Nov 27, 2017
Sitti Nuraeni
Read Statistic: 1042

Forest, water and people: The roles and limits of mediation in transforming watershed conflict in Northern Thailand

Nov 27, 2017
Ahmad Dhiaulhaq, Kanchana Wiset, Rawee Thaworn, Seth Kane, David Gritten
Read Statistic: 3587

Bound by debt: Nutmeg trees and changing relations between farmers and agents in a Moluccan agroforestry systems

Nov 27, 2017
Messalina Lovenia Salampessy, Indra Gumay Febryano, Dini Zulfiani
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Mysterious ginger: Enclaves of a boom crop in Thailand

Nov 27, 2017
Sukanlaya Choenkwan
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Improving food security? Setting indicators and observing change of rural household in Central Sulawesi

Nov 27, 2017
Dewi Nur Asih, Stephan Klasen
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