In this issue, we have a total of eighteen contributions, consisting of sixteen empirical articles, one methodological engagement article, and one introduction/review article. Nine of the articles from the issue are also part of a special section on Community Conservation in the Wallacea Region. This is part of our commitment to build capacity and shed light on issues in under-represented regions.

Published: Apr 26, 2020

Community and conservation in Wallacea: Making the case for the region, a methodological framework, and research trends

Apr 26, 2020
Micah R. Fisher, Bart Verheijen, Muhammad Alif K. Sahide
Read Statistic: 1688

Protecting the Mbau Komodo in Riung, Flores: Local Adat, National Conservation and Ecotourism Developments

Apr 26, 2020
Halia Asriyani, Bart Verheijen
Read Statistic: 1726

From Hunter to Protector: The Invention and Reinvention of the Nuri Talaud

Apr 26, 2020
Karno Batiran, Micah R. Fisher
Read Statistic: 1108

An overview of illegal parrot trade in Maluku and North Maluku Provinces

Apr 26, 2020
Ayu Diyah Setiyani, Mukhtar Amin Ahmadi
Read Statistic: 1445

The return of the muro: Institutional bricolage, customary institutions, and protection of the commons in Lembata Island, Nusa Tenggara

Apr 26, 2020
Nurhady Sirimorok, Asfriyanto Asfriyanto
Read Statistic: 840

A Tale of Two Kewangs: A comparative study of traditional institutions and their effect on conservation in Maluku

Apr 26, 2020
Karno Batiran, Ishak Salim
Read Statistic: 1136

The Importance of Being Political: Emergence of a Multi-stakeholder Forum at the Lake Malili Complex, South Sulawesi

Apr 26, 2020
Nurhady Sirimorok, Eko Rusdianto
Read Statistic: 1684

Social Contracts: Pillars of Community Conservation Partnerships in Lore Lindu National Park, Indonesia

Apr 26, 2020
Ice Anugrahsari, Mustofa Agung Sardjono, Nur Fitriyah, Golar Golar
Read Statistic: 1510

Conditions for Success in a Community Based Conservation Initiative: An Analysis of Triggering Moments and Catalytic Elements in Nuha

Apr 26, 2020
Nurhady Sirimorok, Eko Rusdianto
Read Statistic: 994

Reducing Illegal Logging through a Chainsaw Buyback and Entrepreneurship Program at Gunung Palung National Park

Apr 26, 2020
Nurul Ihsan Fawzi, Jackson Helms, Agus Novianto, Agus Supianto, Angela Meike Indrayani, Nur Febriani
Read Statistic: 1082

Farmer fertilization practices of mature rubber plantations in Northeast Thailand during a period of low rubber prices

Apr 26, 2020
Supattra Kullawong, Satit Aditto, Bénédicte Chambon, Arunee Promkhambut
Read Statistic: 1593

The role of tropical abandoned land relative to ecological and economic aspects

Apr 26, 2020
Karmini Karmini, Karyati Karyati, Kusno Yuli Widiati
Read Statistic: 1041

Estimation of forest Carbon Stocks in Ba Be National Park, Bac Kan province, Vietnam

Apr 26, 2020
Nguyen Thi Dong, Van Huu Tap, Nguyen Thi Phương Mai, Nguyen Thi Hoang Lien
Read Statistic: 1258

Patterns and Trends of Crocodile Trade from Tanah Papua, Indonesia

Apr 26, 2020
Dewi Untari, Hardjanto Hardjanto, Bramasto Nugroho, Rinekso Soekmadi
Read Statistic: 1244

Classification Methods for Mapping Mangrove Extents and Drivers of Change in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam during 2005-2018

Apr 26, 2020
Hai-Hoa Nguyen, Nghia Huu Nghia, Hien Thi Thu Nguyen, An Thanh Le, Lan Thi Ngoc Tran, Linh Vo Khanh Duong, Simone Bohm, Michael J Furniss
Read Statistic: 1183

Seedling Recruitment of Native Tree Species in Active Restoration Forest

Apr 26, 2020
Yingluck Ratanapongsai
Read Statistic: 818

Monitoring Changes in Coastal Mangrove Extents Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data in Selected Communes, Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Apr 26, 2020
Hai-Hoa Nguyen, Lan Thi Ngoc Tran, An Thanh Le, Nghia Huu Nghia, Linh Vo Khanh Duong, Hien Thi Thu Nguyen, Simone Bohm, Charles Finny Sathya Premnath
Read Statistic: 1546