Best proximity point theorems for $ \alpha^{+} F, (\theta-\phi )$-proximal contraction


  • Mohamed Rossafi Faculty of Sciences, Dhar El Mahraz University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fes,
  • Abdelkarim Kari



proximity point, $ \alpha^{ } F$-proximal contraction, $ \alpha^{ } (\theta-\phi )$-proximal contraction


In this paper, inspired by the idea of Suzuki type $ \alpha^{+} F$-proximal contraction in metric spaces, we prove a new existence of best proximity point for Suzuki type $ \alpha^{+} F$-proximal contraction and $ \alpha^{+} (\theta-\phi )$-proximal contraction defined on a closed subset of a complete metric space. Our theorems extend, generalize, and improve many existing results.


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Fixed Point Theory Appl 2012, 94 (2012).




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Rossafi, M., & Kari, A. (2022). Best proximity point theorems for $ \alpha^{+} F, (\theta-\phi )$-proximal contraction. Jurnal Matematika, Statistika Dan Komputasi, 18(2), 181-197.



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