Some new properties of g-frame in Hilbert C*-modules


  • Mohamed Rossafi Faculty of Sciences, Dhar El Mahraz University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fes,
  • Hatim Labrigui



Frame, modular Riesz basis, modular $g$-Riesz basis, $C^{\ast}$-algebra, Hilbert $\mathcal{A}$-modules


The theory of frames which appeared in the last half of the century, has been generalized rapidly and various generalizations of frames in Hilbert spaces and Hilbert $C^{\ast}$-modules. In this paper, we will give some new properties of modular Riesz basis and modular $g$-Riesz basis that present a generalization of the results established in a Hilbert space.


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Rossafi, M., & Labrigui, H. (2022). Some new properties of g-frame in Hilbert C*-modules. Jurnal Matematika, Statistika Dan Komputasi, 18(3), 315-323.



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