Focus and Scope

Jurnal Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia is a scientific journal published by the Faculty of Public Health, Hasanuddin University since 2004 with pISSN 0216-2482 and eISSN 2356-4067. Jurnal Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia accepts scientific papers in the form of research reports (original research papers) with a focus on the development of public health problems in Indonesia, including the developments and main problems in the field of epidemiology; Health Promotion; Environmental Health, Occupational Health, and Safety, Health Administration and Policy, Biostatistics, Reproductive Health, Hospital Management, Nutrition Science, Health Information Systems in Regional of Indonesia. Journal Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia collaborates with the Professional Organization of the Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI) in terms of assisting the advancement of public health science and the dissemination of research results. Jurnal Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia also receives scientific contributions from outside the Indonesian Region as long as it is related to public health and has a comparison with the State of Indonesia.

Articles published in Jurnal Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia go through a double-blind peer-review process. Therefore, the decision to accept scientific articles is in the right of the Editorial Board based on peer reviewers' recommendations.